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    New and Improved

    New and Improved

    At last... the long-awaited website update!  After many months of work, you're now enjoying the fresh and improved  Hurrah!  I hope you'll take a good look around and feel inspired by what you see.

    The biggest change is in the Shop, now empowered by Shopify for a much better purchasing experience.  Customers can use any credit card now, rather than the required PayPal account from my trusty but rusty old website.  Email notifications and tracking numbers are available now too.  Consider buying Original Art more directly, or search the Shop for categories of Standard Art Prints, Giclée Art Prints, and Art & Wisdom Card Decks.  Better photos and descriptions of all the products throughout, don't you think?

    For a final fancy touch, go to the Home page and scroll down to see my latest Instagram posts in little squares ready for your viewing pleasure.  Technology is amazing!  

    Help me welcome the new website in July with a Kick-Off Celebration offer.  When you make a purchase July 12-31, I'll include a free single Art Card personally and prayerfully drawn just for you.  It's super fun for me to choose them as a blessing, and inspiring for you to find out what card you receive!

    As always, if you have questions or need help navigating the new site, just let me know.  Use the phone number or "Contact Us" link at the bottom of this page. 

    Thanks, and enjoy!  --Melanie