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    Our Story in Failure

    Our Story in Failure

    We belong in a story of hope... yet there’s a very real story of division and misused power all around us.  Today I drew a Storm Journey story card to share, and it turned up this reminder that sometimes we and our systems fail.  I know that this failure can be a mercy or essential learning in disguise, but it usually feels awful— or at least really, really uncomfortable.  

    I’ve also been hearing this week about the natural and necessary decline and death of human institutions.  So I’m wondering: what are we building now that will be ready to rise up when failure makes way for change?  There’s so much to our story beyond the storms and failure!

    Together— especially in times of stress or when things fall apart— we can invest in friendships and community, create new ways of using power, collaborate around resources, invent fresh spiritual practices, and more.  In our own hearts, we can focus on what’s our part to be or do, practice whatever keeps us resilient, raise our awareness of privilege and injustice, show up for our souls, be diligent and serious about our prayers/intentions, have fun on purpose, and ask for help to find enough joy to keep going.

    I don’t at all mean to be fluffy or less angry about how we are failing and harming our neighbors, our unity, our spirits, and our planet, right now.  I mean to en-Courage myself, and all of us, to keep moving alongside our anger and panic.  I want to be and to live in ways that help us all flourish— right now, in the midst of the word as it is.  I want to stay ready and give what I can toward healing our communities and our world.

    Failure is always coming, and change is always coming.  Yet fierce love and healing creativity are always with us.  

    Let’s keep practicing. 

    If a story of hope would help to keep you going, check out the Storm Journey Story CardsIt’s a spiritual story book for all ages, made into cards in a deck that you can pass around a circle or pull out one at a time.  

    Consider ordering a deck for yourself, your clients, small group, or community to create a fresh conversation about what matters most.

    Here's the booklet page that goes with the 'Fail' card, and a picture of the deck set: 



    Time to Practice Calm Again

    Time to Practice Calm Again

    It's time for me to practice calm again. 

    I always feel a bit lost after the holiday rush, and this has been a rough year for so many of us.  So I want to slow down, feel my feet and my heart, and make some good prayers and intentions for this new decade. 

    To start, I want to be more fully present, in my body in the moment.  I got the hint when the big X in the sky today said, “You are here.”

    Maybe you want to practice calm too, even in feeling-lost moments?  Peace to us all when we have the courage to slow down.  And may we be curious about our feelings of loss or grief.

    Blessings for 2020.  --Melanie


    See more about the Storm Journey Story Card decks.

    My Gratitude Goes a Little Deeper This Year

    My Gratitude Goes a Little Deeper This Year

    Gratitude notices what I hold dear, and asks me to wonder why.
    Gratitude considers what I think I lack, and shows me life's gifts more clearly.
    Gratitude receives my life exactly as it is, and knows that all of it is worthy treasure.
    With a Thanksgiving blessing for every one of us,