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    Frequently Asked Questions

    COVID-19 Safety

    Your orders are packed with great care in clean, safe ways during the coronavirus pandemic.  Products are stored in a protected space, and any new items are left to sit for several days before packing.  

    The time it takes to deliver your package adds another layer of safety from the virus.

    For extra safety, use care to clean or discard the outer packaging after it arrives to you.

    Thank you for trusting me to send inspiring art to you and your loved ones.  May it be a blessing and source of encouragement in these challenging days.

    Shipping Times

    Generally, Art & Wisdom card decks, Storm Journey decks, and Standard Art Prints will arrive in 3 to 10 days.*  Giclée Art Prints take 7 to 21 days, since they are made by an artisan printer in Oregon and shipped to me for signature.  Contact us about original art, since timing varies with packing materials. 

    * US Postal service is a bit slower than usual right now, so please be patient.  Any delays by me will be announced on a banner at the top of the website Home page. 

    I'm happy to be filling your orders myself as a solo business person during COVID-19, partnering with the US Postal Service.  Your packages are safely packed, full of love and gratitude!

    Shipping Rates

    US addresses only

    Purchase $0-19 - Shipping $4.50

    Purchase $20-34 - Shipping $5.75

    Purchase $35-60 - Shipping $7.50

    Purchase $61-98 - Shipping $12

    Purchase $99-154 - Shipping $15

    Purchase $155-199 - Shipping $17

    Purchase $200-250 - Shipping $20

    Purchase $250+ - Shipping $25

    Canadian Orders here.

    Canadian Orders

    International orders are now available for Canada only. 

    See the Canadian Orders page for rates and special instructions.

    DO NOT ORDER IN THE ONLINE SHOP, set up for US addresses only. 

    Canadian shipping is available for decks only, seen here: Decks Shop Page.
    Art Print orders are not available at this time.

    Thank you for your patience as we grow, handling what we can as a small business.

    Mail-In Orders

    During the coronavirus pandemic, I'm not offering the mail-in order form because I'm not checking the PO Box. 

    Please use the online shop to make your order until further notice.  Thanks for your patience. 

    Canadian Order Forms are still available, here.

    Volume Discount

    If you are interested in bulk orders of $250 or more (excluding giclée prints or original art), please contact us for possible discount prices.

    Contact Us


    PO Box 70216, Albuquerque, NM 87197


    Please use my online shopping cart and follow the instructions to use your credit or debit card through the safe, protected Shopify system.  

    Purchases no longer require a PayPal account-- anyone can order and use a credit or debit card.

    Mail-in order forms with check or money order are not available during the coronavirus pandemic.

    Canadian order payments are handled differently-- please see this page.


    Marking each image with a watermark is one way to help protect my copyright online.  (The watermark is the shadowy rectangle with handwritten 'Listen For Joy' placed over the top of each image.) 

    Watermarks do not appear on any of the Art Prints or Art Card Deck images.

    Copyright Information

    I'm so glad many people are inspired by my imagery!  However, I cannot at this time give permission for others to use my art.  All of my images are copyright protected, so please do not copy, print, reproduce, or alter any of my art or text from the ListenForJoy.com website or any of my images found elsewhere on the web.

    See more on the Copyright Page

    Image Use

    I am not giving permission right now for anyone to use my images for other projects.  I'm taking a sabbatical from image use, due to complications and overwhelm.  It's enough right now for me to focus on shipping orders and making new art. 

    Thank you for your understanding and patience. 

    See more on the Copyright Page

    Spiritual Direction

    I am not offering individual spiritual direction sessions at this time. 

    I do, however, gladly use my spiritual direction training and experience as I lead workshops or groups, online or in person.  Watch the Events page for upcoming offerings, or sign up for the eNewsletter for advance news on what's coming next!  Link at the bottom of this page.

    To find a Spiritual Director near you, consider the Seek and Find Guide on the website for Spiritual Directors International.

    Clergy Stoles

    I am not creating custom clergy stoles at this time. 

    However, I am glad to recommend sewing patterns from this Etsy Shop:
    Clergy Stole Patterns

    Try Etsy sellers for hand-made stoles for sale:
    Etsy Clergy Stoles

    I also just discovered this company creating unique and beautiful stoles:
    Story Stoles

    Brave Joy Collective

    Explore my new monthly art subscription and join the joy!

    See more and subscribe at:

    Please save your Patreon log-in information to make changes to your subscription account.

    I hope you love your experience, but of course you can unsubscribe any time.

    Contact Us
    if you have questions about Patreon or your Brave Joy Collective subscription.

    Other Questions?

    Contact Us
    if you have any other questions
    not addressed here.

    Thank you!