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    Brave Joy Collective

    A Monthly Art-by-Mail Subscription

    Join the Brave Joy Collective for new art & inspiration
    in your mailbox every month.

    I've been listening with my soul for over 25 years to create images about the qualities of soul we need for resilience, courage, healing, and joy.

    Now I’m offering a subscription for a 5x7" art print and spiritual practices on an empowering theme.  Yay!  I love listening deeply on our behalf, making fresh art, writing practices, and sharing the behind-the-scenes process along the way.

    Choose 1, 2, or 4 envelopes per month.  The extras are ready for you to mail to friends and loved ones.

    Brave Joy Gift Subscriptions
    for Art & Practice mailings (without online updates) are available for a limited time, here.


    of the monthly 5x7 Art Print
    and Spiritual Practice card

    Unfold theme
    August 2020

    5x7 Art Print example

    Spiritual Practice card example,

    Spiritual Practice card example,

    The Brave Joy Collective is hosted by Patreon, a web platform that allows creators and artists to earn a monthly income by providing perks to their subscribers, or "patrons."

    Please consider supporting my work, and be surprised by new art and practices each month!

    Subscriptions also support a monthly donation to a social justice organization.

    (For US & Canadian addresses only at this time.)