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    Storm Journey Reflection Questions

    Nearly 100 Reflection Questions

    One of the exciting and meaningful features of the Storm Journey book are the nearly 100 reflection questions offered in a “study guide” section at the back. Individuals and groups will find these queries enriching for exploration and discovery.

    From the introduction:

    “I offer this set of reflection questions for grown-ups who want to dig a little deeper into the Storm Journey metaphors. It’s my hope that people of many perspectives and traditions will feel welcomed by the language and ideas here. I’ve written both personally-focused and group-minded questions, trusting you’ll know which ones to answer now or later. Enjoy them on your own and with others to start juicy conversations. Please create new questions too, especially when you interpret the art and story differently! Your wisdom is important. There will be a thousand ways to interact with this Storm Journey….”

    Example Reflection Question set for the “Kindred” page:

    What kind of companionship inspires and motivates you? How might you find kindred spirits nearby? How might kindred spirits find you?

    Share aloud or in writing about a time when you were surprised by a sense of fellowship or resonance in a group, place, situation, the natural world, etc.

    Make up a story that you wish were true about feeling kindred, even if it isn’t true yet. Share or write about your wish.