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    Storm Journey Reflection Questions

    Conversation Questions 

    One of the exciting and meaningful features of the Storm Journey Story Cards is the guide booklet full of simple but powerful questions to use for self-reflection or to open up group discussion about what matters most.

    From the introduction:

    “To spark these conversations, I created the set of Conversation Questions you’ll find in this booklet.  Several direct, deep, and meaningful questions match each Story Card.  I tried to use simple and inclusive language so many people can feel welcomed to answer and tell their own true stories and dreams.

    You can answer a few or a lot of these questions, trusting what’s best for you and your group.  Please create new ones, as you interpret Storm Journey in different ways.   Children and childlike souls will likely have many imaginative questions of their own, so feel free to leave this booklet behind.  There will be a thousand ways to play with Storm Journey.

    If you’d like to use these questions for self-reflection, you could draw a card and write your answers, pray or set intentions, make art out of your stories, or invent a new way to notice what you want to say.

    I hope you’ll also use these cards and questions for group conversation.  Invite your friends, family, clients, co-workers, and communities of all kinds to explore the story with you.  We need creative ways to talk more deeply and honestly with each other about issues that really matter, including the hard stuff.  Using a story as a starting place can make sharing less scary and more real.  It’s especially good when we lay aside any of our ideas about 'right answers,' and show up to say what’s true for us." 

    Example Reflection Question set for the “Kindred” page:

    In this image, what do you see, notice, feel, know, or wonder about?

    Have you ever been surprised by unexpected belonging or connection in a group of people, in a place, or in a new situation? What made that possible?

    When have you felt left out? What was that like for you?

    What kind of companionship inspires or motivates you? How?

    How can like-minded or like-hearted people find each other? What keeps kindred people hidden or apart? What brings them together?