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    Appreciation for Storm Journey

    Appreciation for Storm Journey Story Card decks

    “It was incredibly moving to go through the cards and feel what it ignited in my heart." --J.L., New Mexico

    "I just wanted to say that your cards are REALLY helpful now in crazytime/pandemic.  I am part of the School of the Spirit, and we were all thrilled the Board boought us each a set of your Storm Journey cards!  Perfect for this wild and uncertain time." --F.B., east coast


    Appreciation for the Book (Out of print, now reprinted as Story Card deck, above)

    “An inspiration and perhaps, a compass…” –Albuquerque, New Mexico

    “Storm Journey is a book of simple, yet deeply evocative images… that touch into the universal experience of moving through challenging passages in life. They are helpful for individual reflection, in therapy sessions or for a variety of group settings.” –Therapist, Albuquerque, New Mexico

    “A resource I know I will be returning to frequently for myself and in my ministry.” –Minister, Lubbock, Texas

    “Love love love this little book!” –Online comment

    “Beautiful art, probing text, invitation to community, thought-provoking questions, teaching tool– this is the complete package hiding inside what appears a simple format.” –Portland, Oregon

    “Timely message, expanded and personalized through images.” –Online comment

    “I love your new book and want to send to my friend…” –Mail-in order

    “The books turned out BEAUTIFULLY! I knew they were going to be nice, but they completely exceeded my expectations. Love the reflective questions in the back.” –Media, Pennsylvania

    “I loved the process of ‘reading’ this book: reading one word and then staring at a picture for a long time, find more and more detail.” –Portland, Oregon

    “The book is like Visio Divina,” [a prayerful practice of engaging with images as one would a sacred text]. “I want to give one of these to a friend of mine who prays that way.” –Des Moines, Iowa

    “The books are marvelous! I’m so pleased to have them in our library and in our ‘caring kit bag’ [to give as gifts when friends have challenges]. –Huntsville, Alabama