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    Passion of the Earth DVD and Reflection Cards

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    Passion of the Earth DVD Set

    Enjoy the story behind the story of the Passion of the Earth in this inspiring film on the history, making, and message of this compelling collaboration. The artist gives interpretation and Monastery of St Gertrude community members share their insights throughout, in vibrant interviews on spirituality and care for the Earth. Along the way, enjoy incredible Idaho forest and prairie scenery from the Monastery grounds.

    63-minute informal documentary.  Includes second DVD of bonus features.

    © Monastery of St Gertrude and Melanie Weidner, 2007.

    Available for purchase from the Monastery of St Gertrude Gift Shop.


    Praise for DVD

    “Sr. Teresa sent me the DVD of the Passion of the Earth. I spent the evening watching it and I feel like I’ve been on retreat! It is so well done, and so very beautiful. Thank you so much, first for your inspiring artwork, and then for telling the story so well. I will treasure the DVD, and look forward to sharing it with lots of people.”

    Passion of the Earth Reflection Cards

    Also available from the Monastery of St Gertrude Gift Shop:

    "The Reflection Card exercises are an invitation to enter more deeply into the Passion of the Earth, an art and poetry installation at Spirit Center — to reverence the earth as a reflection of God’s love and to be transformed in the way we treat this gift of God."