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    Monsters and Angels Series

    Six cartoons exploring fear and trust

    Monsters & Angels Series

    March 2003
    Ink on paper
    Each image 24 × 30 inches

    Good Boundary Angel in Collection of

    Sometimes I find my creative and spiritual life blocked by fears. One day, I made some fun cartoons of my “fear monsters,” and found they had less sting.  Do you recognize these monsters?  Do other ones haunt you?  What do yours look like, and what do they say to you?

    I’ve also discovered that just beyond or within every fear monster can be a teaching angel.  Strange but true: when I welcome my fears, listen to them, and love them, I sometimes find they contain hidden invitations to trust, joy, and contentment.  See some of the angels I found, above, pictured right below their monsters.  What might Love or God be inviting you to see within your fears?

    Read more in Blog Post: "Monsters & Angels," March 1, 2003

    Praise from the Director of

    "Well, Melanie, you will be pleased to know that the Good Boundary Angel is hanging on bathroom mirrors all over the world.  When we at announced her and said that we hoped she would be a gentle reminder to set and honor our own good and healthy boundaries, the victims/survivors loved her and are printing her out and hanging her in their bathrooms, offices, on headboards, etc…"