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    New Format for Storm Journey?

    New Story Card format coming in 2019

    The Storm Journey book is currently OUT OF PRINT

    Storm Journey was first published and reprinted several times as a 48-page, 7×10-inch soft-cover art book with 26 full-color illustrations and full set of reflection questions. All art and text by Melanie JS Weidner, © August 2013.  Unfortunately, the printing company that made these books has changed their focus and no longer uses the good paper or color printing process that made Storm Journey so beautiful.  That way has closed.  So, any new reprints will need to undergo a redesign and submission process. 

    Because change is required in order to reprint, I am considering a new format for Storm Journey:  A Story Card deck of full-color cards for each book page, and black-and-white cards for each reflection question page.  This would allow individuals and groups to choose out a particular part of the story, or a particular set of questions, to use in reflection or conversation.  It would also make it possible for groups to "read" the story in my favorite way-- sitting in a circle, passing the pages/cards from hand to hand in silence, soaking in the beauty and challenge of the images as a community.  

    I know that a Story Card deck feels and functions differently from a book, where the pages are always in order, and the two-page spread makes a relationship between some of the images.  What's your opinion about cards vs book?  I will likely need to pick just one format for this next reprinting, due to the high-cost investment of ordering enough decks or books to lower the cost per piece.)  I'd appreciate your feedback on this project question, thank you!  See contact info at the bottom of this website.   

    When the time is right I will be asking for more input... and will be excited to get Storm Journey out in the world again!