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    Gallery:  Something About Joy

    Art Title:  Something About Joy

    Original art by Melanie Weidner
    Created July 2014 - 24 inch diameter
    Fabric, thread mounted on polystyrene

    My partner, Holly, asked me, “Well, what’s this one about?” And I answered, “I think it’s something about joy.”  It stuck!  Something About Joy, it is, and I hope it feels contagiously joyful for you too.

    I love the motion of this art, and the energy, inspired by a quick sketch painting.  The fabric makes it warm and immediate, and its collage-like assembly gives it a “now” feeling somehow.

    Also, in these fabric images I seem to be processing a lot about incorporating the “stuff” of life, or the hard, jumbly parts.  They get their own layer here, made of scrap bits, and yet they become almost a ground from which all the other flow and radiance emerges.  Hmm… lots to ponder there about how I might accept and even build on the daily challenges and ‘interruptions’ that might actually be supporting and surrounding the sacredness of life, right in the middle of it! 

    Collection of Elspeth Gilmore