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    Gallery:  Marrow Story

    Art Title:  Marrow Story

    Original art by Melanie Weidner
    Created April 2015 - 9 x 11 inches
    Watercolor, ink, colored pencil on paper

    Image created to honor my partner Hollin Bahn, her writing, and our 4 years together.  I’m in love with how Hol really lives all of her experience, how thoroughly she wrestles with and (eventually) welcomes and heals what comes her way, and how richly she weaves her life stories into compassion and truth.  I want to live that deeply and welcome my core life too.

    So what are your marrow stories, and mine– the really real, central parts at the core of us?  Which of them wants to be known more fully in our own minds and hearts?  Which of our stories might inspire or encourage others if the time were right for the telling?

    Collection of Hollin Bahn.