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    Gallery:  Living Path

    Art Title:  Living Path

    Original art by Melanie Weidner
    Created October 2008 - 32 inch diameter
    Fabric, beads, thread mounted on polystyrene

    I created this image by commission to symbolize the ministry of the Franciscan Spiritual Center, and yet it also reflects the spiritual journey we walk each day.

    An ancient Cretan/Celtic labyrinth, with the Star-Cross of Christ at its heart, honors many faith traditions and marks the path into the Life around us and within us.  Along the way, we travel through molten creative fires, the darkness of mystery, the cooling waters of life, and the greening of creation.  Saint Francis, the Mystic Saints and the Divine Feminine remind us to find Light in all things, to celebrate the wholeness and wisdom of the path, and to join the radiant energy waves of the joyful dance of living! 

    Collection of the Franciscan Spiritual Center, Milwaukie, Oregon