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    Gallery:  Healing Rises

    Art Title:  Healing Rises

    Original art by Melanie Weidner
    Created November 2008 - 32 inch diameter
    Fabric, thread, beads, mounted on polystyrene

    This art image, “Healing Rises,” is a fabric mandala commissioned by my friend Laurie Hoff Schaad.  She is an energy healer using many modalities, and she chose the animal totem images to represent the various qualities she wants to embody in her practice.  One of the gifts of art is that its symbolism meets each eye and heart individually– every person gets to enjoy his or her own interpretation.  I wonder what you see in the image?

    The animals were intended to be: Heron, Crow/Raven, Dragonfly, Hummingbird, Eagle, Butterfly, Owl, Goose, Spider, Bear, Snake, Wolf, Mountain Lion, Phoenix.

    Collection of Laurie Hoff Schaad