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    Gallery:  Follow the Thread

    Art Title:  Follow the Thread

    Original art by Melanie Weidner
    Created February 2015 - 28 x 8 inches
    Fabric, thread, yarn, mounted on yardstick wood

    (Excerpts from blog post, January 2015) I’m still celebrating the goodness and wonder of ten women who gathered with me at Pendle Hill Retreat Center, in a New Year’s workshop to create art, intentions, and community. It’s a sacred privilege and great big fun to cultivate the connections that rise from soulful creativity in group spiritual experiences. More and more, as I’m learning to lead by leaning into the Flow and guidance of the Spirit and my heart, we’re all freed to learn, love and shine together.

    Oh, if you only knew what brave, beautiful, healing steps we all took toward wholeness and joy. One of our group members, Ute Arnold, wrote a poem to commemorate our experience and courage. It begins: “The magic is released and the red thread is weaving our lives– near and distant– what folly to think I might ever be alone…” 

    May we all carry the thread of creativity and connection into our daily lives, strengthened and blessed by the gift of time away and together to remember our best intentions for 2015 and beyond.