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    Gallery:  Deep Breath

    Art Title:  Deep Breath

    Original art by Melanie Weidner
    Created November 2005 - 15 x 22 inches
    Watercolor on paper

    I’m grateful this image is inspiring people all over the world– from meditators to yoga teachers, singers to pregnant mothers– and maybe even you.  It’s one of my very favorite paintings, giving form to the deep connections we can feel with each other, the Divine/Sacred/Spirit, and even the Cosmos.  In almost every spiritual tradition, the breath symbolizes Life, inspiration, and interconnection.  May you remember you belong to all of this!

    If you see this image being used on the internet without credit, will you please point people to this web page so they’ll have a chance to see my other art work and to consider ordering an art print?  I appreciate your help and support.

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