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    Gallery:  Alive in the Layers

    Art Title:  Alive in the Layers

    Original art by Melanie Weidner
    Created April 2014 - 34 inch diameter
    Fabric, thread, mounted on polystyrene

    Image featured onstage for the Spiritual Directors International Annual Conference, Santa Fe, NM, April 2014.  See Emerging Wisdom Mandala Project.

    Alive in the Layers depicts an exploration of the layers of human experience and how we are supported by the gentle flow of interconnection and Oneness. Our modern American lives include the greens and blues of the natural world, skin-tones of embodiment, and the complex, raw-edge multi-colors of relationships, communication, tasks, events, pace, etc. In this challenged world, we might wish to dive down and stay in the simple, hand-stitched calm. Yet the white, looping, top-stitched path signifies spiritual practice and its invitation to move continuously, moment by moment, between all the layers of aliveness. Every experience belongs in the human life journey. Each one is embraced by the circular mandala representation of wholeness.