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    Brave Joy Collective

    A Monthly Art-by-Mail Subscription

    Choose the Patreon option for extra behind-the-scenes posts and photos, Zoom gatherings, and more. Paid by monthly recurrent billing on your credit card.

    Join the Brave Joy Collective for fresh art & inspiration
    in your mailbox every month.

    I love to create images about the qualities of soul we need for resilience, courage, healing, and joy.

    Now you can receive a 5x7" art print and spiritual practice on an empowering theme each month.  I listen deeply for inspiration, make fresh art, write new practices, and share the behind-the-scenes stories along the way.

    Choose the 1, 2, or 4 envelope subscription.  The extras are ready for you to mail to friends and loved ones, or use with a small group.

    The Brave Joy Collective subscriber community supports me and my work in a really important way.   I get to make monthly art and to offer extra reflection and interaction with the members.  It's so fun to share photos of the process and offering a Zoom gathering sharing hour on most months.

    This recurrent subscription is hosted by Patreon, a web platform that allows creators and artists to earn a monthly income by providing perks to their subscribers, or "patrons."

    Subscriptions also support a monthly donation to social justice or the arts.

    (Available for US & Canadian addresses only at this time.)

    Brave Joy Gift Subscriptions now available

    Choose this option for monthly envelopes sent directly to your dear one's mail box for 3, 6, or 12 months.  Give the gift of surprise and inspiration.  (Or treat yourself!)  Each monthly mailing comes with a 5x7 art print and two-sided 5x7 spiritual practice card, with simple yet meaningful suggestions for soulful awareness.  (No posts or zoom gatherings with this option, just the paper mailings.)

    When you order the gift subscription, I'll mail a gift greeting in your name to announce and explain your gift.  Then the monthly envelopes will begin on or near the 3rd of the next month.

    For holiday giving:  Choose the "Starts January 2022" purchase option for a gift announcement sent mid-December and the first Brave Joy mailing sent on or near January 2022.

    Order Gift Subscriptions

    Mailing Example
    for Patreon or Gift Subscription

    of the monthly 5x7 Art Print
    and Spiritual Practice card

    Unfold theme
    August 2020

    5x7 Art Print example

    Spiritual Practice card example,

    Spiritual Practice card example,

    Appreciation from Subscribers:

    "The best part is the way the images and practices take me deeper into my relationship with myself, others and the Divine.  Not to mention the beauty." -C.C.

    "It has been a joy to receive these inspiring images.  They provide my body, mind, and spirit a clear focus for staying positive and taking steps toward clarity on the path.  I feel grateful that you offered these this year!" -Anon

    "Monthly art and practice helps me slow down; I appreciate the experience every time." -A.M.

    "I’m surprised to find your writing about the monthly theme just as moving as the pictures.... Your writing has also enriched my understanding of our collective experience in this time and helped my work with my clients." -S.F.

    "The art always seems to be just what I need.  It evokes and connects and sustains me." -S.J.

    "It helps me feel connected (not totally adrift!) and brings beauty, spirit, thought, questions to my life.  I look forward each month to the surprise that will come in the mail.  And I so enjoy seeing the backstory and images of how that month's art was created!!" -G.B.

    "I am a therapist and I add the cards to my therapy tools after I appreciate them for myself first.  I usually find the universe shares a piece of wisdom, reminder, or other meaningful message to me through you each month." -K.W.

    "I love the images you create, and I love having them in a form I can handle and use in my daily life." -J.R.