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    Blog — Storm Journey book

    Storm Journey Campaign is On!

    Storm Journey Campaign is On!

    And we're launched!!  Please visit the Storm Journey Story Cards crowd-funding site on Kickstarter, to join the effort funding this printing project. 

    Watch my campaign video and read about this powerful conversation tool to help us talk about the hard things that matter.

    If you like what you see and want to make a pledge, you're essentially pre-ordering your decks.  And if we meet our goal, we'll be able to give them for the holidays.  

    Let's do this together.  We belong in a story of hope!


    UPDATE:  Campaign success!

    179 people helped raise $13,325 to get these new decks printed.  Hurrah!!  And THANK YOU!

    Storm Journey Story Cards will be available in this website shop soon, around December 15.

    New Storm Journey Story Cards -- Coming Soon

    New Storm Journey Story Cards -- Coming Soon

    Hurrah!!  Finally, after two years out of print, the Storm Journey story is ready to go in a new deck format.  With 26 Story Cards of art and text, and a Guide Booklet full of Conversation Questions, this is a resource made to spark meaningful interactions about the more difficult aspects of life.  

    The Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign starts soon, with your chance to support the printing process and pre-order your decks.  Watch the campaign page here, and you can sign up to be notified the minute it launches.

    I'm excited to offer this new tool, and hope it will be useful to help us move through struggle and into community.